Meet The Eduslaytor

B R I A N N A  M.  G R A V E S

Who is The EduslaytorI am a 26-year-old Atlanta native, an educator by day, and a fashion + lifestyle blogger by night.

What is The Eduslaytor?  The Eduslaytor encourages women to wear their truth (literally) by building a functional wardrobe that is true to their personal sense of style.  I share my personal style along with tips for slaying on any budget!

Why The Eduslaytor?  I wanted to create a blog that was authentic and relatable.  I seek to design a brand that encourages women to be courageous, confident, and F I E R C E.  I designed The Eduslaytor for women who battle with issues of low self-esteem, fear, and inadequacy.  This blog is for any woman who wants to look and feel her very best.

The Eduslaytor is more than just a blog.  It’s more than just a brand.  It’s where faith is ignited.  It’s where dreams and visions are birthed.  It’s where individuality is embraced.  It’s where fun happens.  It’s where women are celebrated simply for being who they are.