Girl, Where is Your Shirt?

My mom and I have not always agreed on my sense of style.  When I was 13 years old, my mom took me back-to-school shopping, and what school age child doesn’t love back-to-school shopping?  I couldn’t wait to cop the latest trends!  I remember a particular shopping trip to Rainbow (judge me not, sis), and my mother began picking up various tops from the racks.  “What about this, Bri?” she asked.  Let me just tell y’all that my facial expressions need deliverance because if y’all could’ve seen how I turned my nose up at my mom…girl.


Well, that was 13 years ago, and my mother and I still don’t always agree on my sense of style.  So, I wasn’t surprised when she saw my July 4th attire and asked, “Girl, where is your shirt?”

If you’ve read my previous post, A Lesson in Unconventional Fashion, then you know that I am obsessed with undergarments as “outer-garments” or the lingerie trend.  I have this particular bodysuit in both black and nude, and I decided to whip this black one out for the fourth of July.  What I love about this bodysuit is its versatility and how sexy it makes me feel.  It does its job of holding everything in place and smoothing over those unsightly bumps and lumps, but it also doubles as a bustier top that looks classic when worn with a simple blazer and clean, tailored trouser pants.


I purchased this pleated skirt from Zara during a semi-annual sale that they were having and managed to cop it for about $40.  Yes, I’m still head-over-heels in love with pleated skirts, and I don’t see myself getting over this love affair any time soon.  What I love about this particular skirt is the metallic finish.  It’s less of a pink and more of a rose or blush due to the metallic finish.  It has an elastic band in the back, which also makes it comfortable to wear.


I’m also into the wearing-your-jacket-by-not-wearing-your-jacket trend, so I wore a simple denim jacket from Fashion Nova off-the-shoulders so that I wouldn’t feel “naked.” I finished the look with a simple pair of block heels that I purchased from Target at the beginning of the year.


Although not the typical red, white, and blue attire for such an occasion, I decided to wear this ensemble for the fourth of July because I wanted to be easy-going but also comfortable, effortless but still super cute.  This outfit can easily be worn to any backyard barbecue or kickback as well.

Would you wear your undergarments as part of an outfit?  Comment below, and let’s chat about it!


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