Summer Style: 5 Sundresses You Must Have This Summer

Summer has officially begun, I don’t know about elsewhere in the U.S., but it is H O T in Atlanta!  It’s a sticky, scorching mess here, and I desire to simply stay cool, remain hydrated, protect my edges and mind my business.  I’m sure that you babes feel the same as I do, but who wants to sacrifice style for the sake of heat?

There are a few tips and tricks that I abide by to maintain a chic summer look while staying cool, and one of those tips is to keep it simple by choosing pieces that are made of light, airy fabrics and that are fuss-free and easygoing.  One of my favorite summer pieces is a “sundress,” as Bae likes to refer to it, and there are five types of dresses that every babe needs in her wardrobe this season:

5 Summer Must-Haves: Sundresses
5 Summer Must-Haves: Sundresses by theeduslaytor featuring a metallic dress
1.  Shirtdress – A shirtdress is a classic, modern dress that can be styled for a daytime look with a pair of nude or black pumps or for an evening look with a pair of single sole heels and a wide belt to cinch the waist.  Either way, a shirtdress creates a clean, crisp look for the babe who is going for effortlessly chic this summer.
2.  Off-the-Shoulder Dress – Any babe who is looking to slay this summer by showing a little skin needs an off-the-shoulder dress.  If you’ve been going hard in the gym working on your glutes, then I have a bit bad news for you.  Tuck the twins away and cover up those gams because bare shoulders are IN this summer, so if you haven’t done any shoulder presses in a couple of weeks, I suggest you get back on it.  Off-the-shoulder dresses are easy and breezy, and you can create a daytime look with block heels or for an evening look with a strappy, lace-up heel.
3.  T-Shirt Dress – My casual, cool babes will appreciate a t-shirt dress.  With so many concerts and festivals taking place this season, a t-shirt dress is perfect for such events.  Style a t-shirt dress with a pair of leather combat boots (yes, even in the summer) or with a pair of sky high gladiator heels.  T-shirt dresses don’t require much to make them work, so you will definitely want to reach for this piece in your wardrobe on a day when #youjustcant.
4.  Maxi Dress – By far, maxi dresses are one of my favorite pieces to wear during the summer season (next to rompers and jumpsuits)!  Why?  Maxi dresses are versatile.  They come in a wide array of prints, patterns, and colors, as well as a wide array of shapes.  In other words, there’s a maxi dress for EVERYONE.  I also love maxi dresses because they can be sexy without overdoing it.  Choose a maxi dress with a slit exposing a little thigh, and you have sex appeal for days!
5.  Fit-and-Flare Dress – Fit-and-flare dresses are great for nearly every body type because they accentuate all of the “right” parts.  The “fit” creates a slim, cinched waistline while the “flare” hovers just over the hips.  This dress creates a very feminine, ladylike silhouette.  The fit-and-flare dress perfect for a backyard barbecue or any summer soiree that you may attend this season, bringing with you a touch of class and sass to the function!
Which of these summer dresses reflects your personal style?
Let me know by leaving a comment below!
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