A Lesson in Unconventional Fashion

No white after Labor Day.  No shorts during fall/winter seasons.  Be sure to wear hosiery underneath your skirts…and only with closed-toe shoes.

Let’s admit it.  Some fashion rules are meant to be broken, but have we pushed the envelope a little too far?

In case, by some chance, you missed NYFW this year, allow me to fill you in: Victoria’s “secret” is out.  Yes, sis.  It is safe for your favorite bra[lette] to come out and play!

L-R: Kenzo, Giambattista Valli, Prada, Victoria Beckham (Photo Cred: Marie Claire UK)

Wearing lingerie underneath your clothes is [sort of] a thing of the past.  Designers are incorporating corsets, bralettes, and bustiers into their styles now.  Now, let me just say that I [personally] am not here for completely baring your boobs to the masses (no shade, Rih Rih), but when I stumbled across this nude bodysuit while “Instashopping,” I knew that I had to slay this trend one time for my curvy sisters in the back.



Ok, let me level with you for a second.  This is absolutely, positively shapewear, babe, BUT the beauty of this piece is that it supports you in every possible way by contouring your shape, drawing attention to the areas that you want to be admired while covering any problem areas that you may want to be left unnoticed.  Who can be mad at that?  Plus, I live for a good bodysuit because it makes getting dressed that much easier!



I was so excited when the newest addition to my [ever-growing] wardrobe arrived in the mail, and after trying it on to ensure a perfect fit (and sis, it covers EVER-Y-THANG!), I knew exactly how I was going to rock this.

W H A T | I | W O R E: Bodysuit – GoJane (Also here and here) | Skirt: H&M (Sold out online, but I love this version also) | Bomber Jacket: TJMaxx (Sold out online, but this version is even better!) | Shoes: Zara (A couple of years old, but these are equally as cute)

I paired my nude contouring bodysuit with a pleated midi skirt (which you all know that I am obsessed with right now) and a floral print bomber jacket, which made a previous appearance on The Eduslaytor here.  Because I was in the midst of running a couple of errands that morning and knew that I would be attending a networking event later that afternoon, I wanted to remain comfortable throughout the day.  So, I opted for a pair of nude platform oxfords for effortless style.



This shaping bodysuit can be worn in so many ways.  It is such an easy piece to style that I purchased it in black also. If you’re feeling the idea of incorporating lingerie into your daytime/nighttime ensembles, but you’re still not sure how you’ll be able to pull this off, no worries. I got you, sis. I created a look surrounding the black version of this bodysuit just for you, and all of the pieces included are affordable!

Kimono Kontour
Do you think you’ll be “baring it all” this spring?  If so, leave a comment below!  Follow me on Instagram at @the.eduslaytor and on Twitter at @TheEduslaytor and tag me in your looks!

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