Top 5 Spring Must-Haves

Spring is turning out to be one of my favorite seasons.  Not because of the weather, because Lord knows that I’m not with this swollen throat, itchy eyes, runny nose situation.  However, I am head-over-heels in love with this season’s trends!  Below are my top five Spring must-have styles, and let me tell you why…
Top 5 Spring Must-Haves
1.  Off-the-Shoulder Tops – I think I have purchased three off-the-shoulder tops in the past month, and I can’t promise that I’m not going to purchase yet another one pretty soon.  The off-the-shoulder top is flirty, showing just the right amount of skin, and it can be dressed up with a pair of wide leg trousers for a chic look or dressed down with a pair of flare jeans for a more vintage vibe.  This style has so many designs that no matter what your body type or style is, I’m sure you will find one that best suits your tastes.
2.  Colorful Handbags – If you follow any fashionable celebrity on social media, then you have seen a plethora of these handbags, namely those designed by Gucci.  Spring is the season to tuck those neutrals away and play with a little bit of color, and a colorful handbag is an easy way to enliven any outfit!  You can also give your handbags a style update with new “guitar straps” that can be swapped out on most handbags, and most of them are affordable.  It’s like having a brand new handbag without actually having to purchase one.  Talk about getting some bang for your buck!
3. Kimonos – I leave home for work at 6:00 am, and while Spring is known for its beautiful weather, it’s somewhat chilly in the mornings.  Kimonos are a great layering piece for this season because they are lightweight and breezy.  My favorite way to style a kimono is with a solid black or white tank top or tee and a pair of jeans with simple accessories so that the kimono is the “centerpiece” of the outfit.
4.  Mules – Flat or heels, I don’t care; I LOVE MULES right now!  What attracts me to a mule most is that it is a no-fuss style of shoe; just sliiiide them on and go!  You’ve more than likely seen the Gucci version floating around on social media, but there are so many affordable and stylish options available, including the ASH version found in this set.
…and last, but not least… (drum roll, please)
5.  Denim Sneakers (or embroidered sneakers) – Well, that would actually be denim and embroidered everything for me right about now, but most definitely sneakers!  One look that I am feeling right now is sneakers + skirts.  There’s this chemistry between the two when paired together that screams, “Who runs the world?  GIRLS!” to me.  The new styles that have been appearing also on social media (and also by Gucci, who is doing their thing right now, might I add) are playful and can easily transform a casual outfit from “blah” to “YASSS!”  Create a casual, comfy chic look by pairing a cute sneaker with a pleated skirt.
What are your some of your must-have pieces this season?  Tell me in the comments below!

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