Top 5 Fashion Bloggers to Follow

As a creative, I am always looking for inspiration.  Whether it is for what content I should post or what look I should create next.  After scrolling through my Instagram feed on a late night creep (in other words, a sleepless night), I was inspired to develop a list of my top five favorite fashion bloggers to follow via Instagram.  Check out who made the cut!

1. Kela Walker (@kelawalker)


I discovered this Kutie’s blog, Kela’s Kloset, about four years ago and have been smitten ever since!  What I love about Kela’s style has less to do with what she wears and more to do with who she is.  Her unique personality shines through every look that everything that she wears.  If you follow her on Instagram and peep her stories, you will see just what I mean!  She is just as bold, beautiful, and bubbly as the outfits that she (so effortlessly) puts together.

2. Kristen Francis (@k.franncy)


Kristen is new to my Instagram feed, but let me just tell you, she has been bringing me L I F E!  Kristen’s blog, KFranncy, encourages its followers to “live life fancy.”  As an Atlanta native, Kristen reminds me of how I used to stylishly peruse the city during my undergraduate years and just how fancy I felt checking out the newest spots in the metro area.  Her style is fun, girly, and on-trend, but more than that, her Instagram inspires me to go, see, and do!

3. Kyrzada Rodriguez (@kyrzayda_)


I’ve probably been following Kyrzada’s blog since I was a freshman in college, if not before then.  Besides mentioning that she’s absolutely G O R G E O U S, Kyrzada’s style is a perfectly well-blended combination of vintage meets feminine meets sexy.  May I also include that I follow Kyrzada because I have yet to find a fashionista who slays flats the way that she does? (As an educator, this is important to me!)

4. Stafani Milano (@stafanimilano)

photo 1 (5)

Stafani is another veteran on my Instagram feed.  Stafani’s style is one that speaks before she even enters a room.  It’s fierce, honey!  What I love most about Stafani’s blog, SMFashionology, is that it features affordable, stylish fashions for the everyday woman, and she shows you just how to put pieces together that will have you snatching edges and all.

5. Sarah Neely (@bornfreely)

View More:

Sarah is also a newbie to my Instagram, but I am glad that I stumbled across this gem!  Besides my love for her bold, bright red hair, I admire that Sarah’s style is uniquely her own.  She is unapologetically herself, and it shows in her imagery and personal sense of style.  If you visit her blog, Born Freely, I assure that you will be inspired in more ways than one!

Fashionable Mentions:

@sofieonfleek | @krysstylzs | @prissysavvy | @ironyofashi

Do you have any suggestions of other fashionista that I should follow?  Leave their Instagram handles in the comments below!

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